simple greece

modern greek meze meal

20. 02. 2018

Greek culinary tradition goes back some 4,000 years and is an important part of Greece's rich history and culture. The flavors of Greek food vary on a seasonal and geographical basis, creating a vibrant and diverse eating culture.

During the Ancient Roman era, the culinary influence of Greek cookery began to spread throughout Europe and beyond. It can thus be considered a forerunner of Western cuisine, containing elements of the cuisines of the different people the Greeks interacted with over the centuries. Contemporary Greek food makes wide use of different vegetables and meats, as well as olive oil, grains, fish, and wine. Its multicultural influences are evident in sweet and savory dishes alike.

Simple Greek adds to this multicultural streak, lending a Russian note to its modern Greek fare with local craft beers. It's a surprisingly good fit! Eager to try it for yourself?

Appetizers: Halloumi cheese, Tyrokeftedes (cheese croquettes), grilled potatoes, serving sauces
Large Platters and Mains: Greek salad, Melitzanosalata (Greek Eggplant Salad), Pitaki (pastry breads), and Skepasti (a famous Greek pizza-like dish) Dessert: Matsoni (traditional Greek yogurt) with white cherry jam
Drinks: local craft beer

It was delicious and a lot of fun! The Chef was dancing and we truly enjoyed the evening all in all.