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Evgeniy Dobrovolskiy, the chef at 12 Wine Bar on Kutuzovsky Prospekt, believes that life should be as simple and tasty as Italian cuisine. These stories that make people happy are born under a chef's knife. .
Who are easier to feed, Russians or foreigners?

Unfortunately, in Russia people are used to lower-quality products. Those who live abroad and are accustomed to the taste of fresh tomatoes, are unlikely to be charmed with sad Russian vegetables. Currently and realistically, good ingredients are not easy to find, but it should be noted that Russian production is getting on its feet: you can find local Parmesan and Burattas produced on tiny family dairies here that taste just like the ones from Italy.

What is your favorite cuisine?

I love Italian food. It's easy, fast, simple and tasty. I do not want to go through the hassle of baking a dish that takes 12 hours.

Does a chef need to possess his/her own style?

Everyone has his own vision, receptors and taste. Usually chefs do not only try to cook, but also struggle to create a signature dish, a dish that a guest would die for to eat it again. If that doesn't happen, you screwed up.

"Life should be as simple and tasty as Italian cuisine"
Do chefs have a professional ability?

They do! When I go shopping and see a nice product, a consequent chain of events immediately comes to my mind, leading me to the kitchen. When I see excellent fennel or leek on saleā€¦ bang! Receptors start working hard and I am already mentally picking up all the ingredients I need to buy right then and there.

Do you agree that a habit is an essential part of Russian gastronomic tradition?

Of course! We still eat olivier, herring under a fur coat and vinaigrette as we used to decades ago. I know people who eat the same thing every day. In my experience, 10 - 15% of guests feed themselves with the same food year after year.

What will Moscow restaurants look like in 10 years?

Probably another crisis will break out. Half of the restaurants will close down or change their concept. I hope, by this time, Russia will already have a good assortment of local products: meat, fish, vegetables, cheeses, delicacies. Maybe we will learn how to produce something good in large volumes and normal quality.

Why should one come to 12 Wine Bar?

Because of its special atmosphere, good wine and food. Undoubtedly you will not find our wine risotto anywhere else. The success of our bar is based on our excellent team work. One day when the whole staff were preparing for an important banquet, our supplier brought the wrong cuts of meat. You know what? Our manager would not let anyone cook it. He went to the stove and made luxurious steaks all by himself.
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