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Upcoming events
Tree Decorating Party
December 16, Saturday
Location: Sosedi/Wine Bazaar (Komsomolsky prospect, 14/1, blg. 2)
Time: 16:00

Price: 1300 RUR
The party will include Christmas tree decorating, music, wine, and traditional Russian snacks. Dress up or down, so long as you look festive and cozy!

We kindly ask each guest…
  • to bring a Christmas tree ornament — we'll decorate the tree together!
  • to buy a gift (costing up to 500 RUB) for our Secret Santa game!
The price includes a welcome drink, hot wine, snacks, dessert, and plenty of fun and festivities!
Crimean Wines & Delicious Tapas
December 14, Thursday
Location: Wine Bazaar at Sadovaya (Bolshaya Sadovaya, 1)
Time: 19:30

Price: 1900 RUR
Today, Crimean winemaking is experiencing a true revival. Businesses are jumping to invest in the region's vineyards, which are implementing modern European technologies. But is Crimea ready yet to rival the leading wine producers of the world?

We're determined to find out, with an evening of ALMA VALLEY wine tasting paired with delectable tapas. Conducting the tasting will be Igor Serdyuk, a journalist and wine expert.
Sold Out! Details
+7 (495) 139 25 56 #207